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NewStarts provides a unique set of services to individuals and companies – addressing work-life balance, productivity, relationships, communication, personal development and career advancement, purpose, and fulfillment. Helping you find success at work and at home.

When should you call?

  • When you are ready – to reach for your full potential
  • When you are ready – to take it to the next level
  • When you are ready – for something different
  • When you are ready – for a New Start

My MISSION – To inspire others to reach their full potential and do great things in their lives.

My MANTRA – Make a difference


Tina Johnston

Tina Johnston


Founder and Director

NewStarts for Adults

  • Career Management
  • Career Counseling
  • Life Coaching
  • Work Stress
  • Success Initiatives
  • Maximizing Opportunities
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NewStarts for Teens and Adolescents

  • Get On Track
  • College Readiness
  • Life Coaching
  • Career Direction
  • Career Advising
  • Personal Growth
  • Success Initiatives
  • Maximizing Opportunities

We help students get ready to succeed in high school, college, and career in the following areas of focus:

  1. Future Aspirations
  2. Making Good Choices
  3. Academic Planning starting NOW
  4. Educational Consulting, including school choice
  5. Enrichment and Extracurricular Engagement
  6. College and Career Exploration and Assessments
  7. Career Preparation and Job Search Strategies
  8. How to Look GOOD – for Colleges and Employers
  9. Transitioning from High School Graduation to College Enrollment and Beyond!
  10. Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship – Youthpreneurs

Help young people succeed, today and in the future. The sooner you start, the better.


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NewStarts for Companies

  • Improving employee engagement and motivation
  • Planning for a reliable and skilled workforce for the future
  • Finding creative solutions for business development and sustainability
  • Developing success teams to support employees and related services of a company
  • Transforming company cultures to establish more productive and efficient work environments



A company’s greatest asset is its employees. They can make or break a business.

High turnover, low productivity, poor motivation, low productivity, wasted time are problems in today’s workplace and can all affect the success and sustainability of your business. Much of this is determined by your employees.

If you are an employer or business owner who:

  • understands the value of your employees and wants to increase their skills and contribution,
  • genuinely cares about your employees, their welfare, their dedication, their wellbeing,
  • wants to have great influence on your employees,

You should call us about how we can

  • improve your employee’s positive impact,
  • strengthen their positive influence on your business, your customers, and each other,
  • enrich your company culture and increase profitability.


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