The once-a-week therapy model dictated by insurance companies is changing. Patient/clients want faster results and more flexibility with the types of services offered. In our fast-paced, on-demand, binge-watching, self-diagnosing, self-medicating society, the weekly model is losing favor. There is a great need for mental health services and addiction support everywhere but the model we have been using for years is not a good fit for many of these needs.

So what’s the solution?


What is an “intensive?” – Intensives are psychotherapy or therapeutic coaching sessions of longer length with a results-driven approach. This can condense the time spent in therapy and allows the patient or client to get further, faster. Intensives often use a combination of delivery systems, including face-to-face, email, online, and texting.

What do intensives offer over traditional means? – better use of time, faster results, easy to customize, sessions have more flow and momentum, has more of a “completion” feel and less rushed, more opportunity to use advanced treatments, ability to concentrate more on the work being done instead of watching the clock.

Most therapists can easily incorporate intensives into their practices. Even if you take insurance.

Come to a workshop and learn more! 6 hour workshops that are hands-on with experiential activities designed to get you thinking outside-the-box and be more creative about your own practice. Each workshop is held from 9-4. Dress comfortably and bring business cards to share.

Cost of workshops are $199, and CEUs will be available.

To sign up, please email me personally. At some point, an automated sign-up will be available, but until then, old fashioned methods will have to do, so please call or  email to get registered. The size of workshops is intentionally small so that there will be maximum opportunity to interact and learn from each other. My goal is to have you leave feeling more successful and energized than you came in!

Upcoming workshops in 2019:

  • February 23rd – North Fort Worth
  • March 8th – Flower Mound
  • March 22nd – McKinney
  • April 19th – Austin
  • May 3rd  – North Fort Worth
  • May 27th – Oklahoma City
  • May 28th – Tulsa
  • May 29th – Springfield
  • May 30th – St. Louis
  • May 31st – Indianapolis
  • June 1st – Dayton
  • June 4th – Severna Park
  • June 5th and 6th – Baltimore
  • July 1st – Charlottesville
  • July 2nd – Memphis
  • July 22nd – Plano
  • July 26th – North Fort Worth
  • July 27th – Dallas
  • July 29th – McKinney
  • August 2nd – Waco
  • August 9th – Houston
  • September 13th – Sante Fe
  • October 11th – Phoenix

You already do great work. Now you can have a new way of doing more of it.

Call 469-341-7888, or email