Peer Groups

P eer groups are a new concept in business collaboration, and were born out of the popular Mastermind groups of the last decade. Peer groups are different from Mastermind groups in that they are more structured, more focused around common goals and interests, and more close-knit with a much smaller membership.

This is a new service for NewStarts and it's exciting to see them grow.

The 12 targets of NewStarts groups: Success, communication, relationships, personal growth, strengths, balance, values, potential, awareness/mindfulness, coping skills, health, fulfillment.

Three types of peer groups:

V1 NewStarts peer group – Personal development peer group, working on personal goals. Focus is to discover and reach for personal potential. Geared around loose curriculum for personal development training, relationships, communication, goals and strategies. Held weekly.

V2 Business peer group - More intense peer group focused on success in business and life. Goals are stronger business, better connections, working smarter not harder, more freedom and security. Held monthly.

V3 Teens peer group - modeled after NewStarts groups, but geared to teens.