Therapeutic Coaching

T herapeutic Coaching is a new approach to life coaching which incorporates traditional coaching, mental health counseling, and psychotherapy.

Life Coaching is a powerful tool to assist in achieving goals and maximizing success. This concept is still relatively young, being developed about 20 years ago by Thomas Leonard, who is considered the “father of coaching”. Coaching is about setting goals, taking action, and having an accountability partner with specialized training who will help you meet those goals, then push you to continue to grow and reach. Everyone can benefit from having a well-trained Coach.

Coaching, Counseling, and Psychotherapy are not the same. In a painfully simplistic comparison, Coaching is more focused on goal setting and action plans, Counseling addresses emotional pain and distress, and Psychotherapy delves into the underlying motivations for behaviors and attitudes. All of these are great tools and everyone can gain great benefit from each approach, depending on the need.

Therapeutic Coaching combines all of these approaches and is delivered by a qualified mental health professional who is trained to treat mental disease and disorders if needed. The focus of Therapeutic Coaching is to maximize personal potential and identify obstacles to success.