Your Potential

It's all about Potential — Yours

N o eye rolling now. Yes, this is very popular now with numerous "Personal Development Trainers" and their programs. Don't discount them, some are actually very good. It really is about POTENTIAL though. We all have so much more potential than we even know. You are a wonderfully created being with amazing gifts and talents. Do you use them all?? Do you even know what they are?? Most of us don't. Or it takes a very long time to realize it. That's okay, it's part of life. Personal Potential is not only about recognizing the amazing person you are, but also using the gifts and talents you've been given. Be all you can be, and value yourself!


You’ve got to recognize your potential before you learn how to use it. How many times have you heard, “you have so much potential…” but what did you do about it? Do you believe you have discovered all the potential and talents you possess?? I doubt it, because this is a life long journey, a constant quest, uncovering all the wonders and treasures about yourself.


Are you satisfied with where you are in life? Do you feel like there’s more? Good. Then you are “feeling” your potential. Great. Feel it! Accept it! Embrace it! Don’t be afraid to reach for more. What do you have to lose? You need to “feel” your potential so that it becomes more comfortable. As you become more comfortable, you will naturally use more of your talents and gifts, opening yourself up to even greater discoveries.


Now that you are more aware of your potential, it is time to take that knowledge and develop it. This will be a very individual process, unique to you, because… you are unique! You don’t need a manual to develop your talent, but you do need intention. Enhance your awareness, increase your knowledge, give yourself permission to succeed and fail and think outside the box. And see what happens. Might even be a little bit fun.


When you do all the above, using your strengths and talents to the best of your ability, you are putting them into practice and “living it”. Can you think of someone in your life who you feel “lives” their potential? Do you enjoy being around this person? Are they inspiring or influential to others? It’s highly likely they are. Now you can be one of them.

Let’s get on it.